Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Cybersecurity

We aim to guarantee the availability of critical assets in industrial environments, focusing on developing an efficient and transparent security strategy for the process. The diagnosis of cybersecurity in OT / ICS environments is a very specialized service that requires having a provider with qualified professionals, with a global vision about the environment and with the necessary experience to combine the appropriate technology and the necessary security policies and procedures to reduce the risk. We provide integrated solutions reliably and securely, differentiating ourselves thanks to our expertise in highly complex projects.

ICS Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity strategy to reduce ICS exposure and mitigate vulnerabilities and unauthorized actions.


Real-time passive detection and visibility using machine learning to eliminate need for rules or signatures. Detect process risks.


Immediate situational awareness. Actionable recommendation on threats, vulnerabilities and behaviors to rapidly respond.

Services based on experienceanticipate your security incidents


ICS Cybersecurity

We efficiently apply the necessary security measures to reduce the risk “in the face” of the increasing number of threats, from a framework of availability that allows the continuity of business processes.

ICS Infrastructure

We innovate with the most advanced technology to guarantee the continuity of communication systems in real time and high availability infrastructures.

Managed Services

We offer a service based on experience. Monitoring of critical infrastructures to guarantee the safety of the environment by detecting and managing security incidents.


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